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Carbon dioxide is not toxic, it occurs naturally. Plants that produce food require CO2 to create the food we need. We do need to be good stewards of our planet. We should do everything we can to make sure that we have clean air, clean water and clean soil. But we should not allow the indoctrination to believe one point of view solely because it is the populist opinion to continue. What happened to logic? What happened to critical thinking? What has happened to the scientific process? Should we not examine all the evidence with no preconceived notions? Go into the arena of ideas with no agenda? We should openly examine the evidence, weigh the results, the data, and see what conclusions we can draw! Too often I see it on both sides that those with the idea that man is solely responsible go into the scientific arena and selectively choose the data that supports their environmental agenda. And those who think that it's all bunk do the same.
What is called for is some sanity and some logic. There's way to much emotionalism involved!
Recently 640 scientists from around the globe gathered for a symposium in Sweden and these scientists did not find evidence to support man-caused global warming. I don't have all the facts, I just know what I see. Our children are not being taught to think, they are being taught to follow. People who run businesses and create jobs are being told they can not do business without first meeting higher and more intrusive levels of restrictions and regulations, all of which costs money. Money that cannot be funneled into payroll, so they cannot provide the same level of jobs they once did.
It's been more than 32 years since an oil company has built a refinery in the US. Why? It costs too much. Last year alone the oil industry spent 4.8 billion dollars just refitting their refineries to keep up with the newest levels of EPA regulations. And people wonder why gasoline is $3 and $4 a gallon.
CO2 emitted by volcanic activity, and from herds of wildebeasts, Bison, etc far exceeds all the CO2 put into the air by man. Sure we can stop some of it, but there's really no need to worry over CO2, just plant another tree, or 10, or 10,000. This is the best, and surest way to scrub the CO2 out of the atmosphere.
So much of the data about global warming is collected in "heat island" areas. Densely populated regions with lots of concrete and asphalt. Asphalt absorbs and holds 95% of the suns heat, and is slow to release this heat so the area never cools as it should in the overnight. Trees and vegetation disapate heat and provide shade. Rather than holding the suns heat, they utilize the sun's energy and produce O2 and fruits and vegetables.
What do you want to do? Wait for some scientist to come up with a magic bullet that will solve the global warming crisis, or do something scientifically proven to work?
Plant something, and stop all this drivel about global warming until there is conclusive proof one way or the other.
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