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Originally Posted by NCC_1701A View Post
I dont really hate TMP. I was just trying to show how I think it would be received now by some of the people who hate XI. Although the the part about Vger coming to Earth strait from Klingon space and zero Federation ships in between does really bother me.
Really this is true. If a not-ready-for-prime-time ship was the only thing available to defend Earth then every top officer in starfleet should have been fired. Not only were there no ships in the way (ST4 fixed that) but nothing defending Earth itself. I agree the Klingons should have attacked the feds because I suppose all the other ships were out to lunch somewhere. Oh and speaking of the Klingons, they were smart enough to have multiple ships on patrol.

It doesnt bother me. Just a head shaker with a minor laugh.
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