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Originally Posted by NCC_1701A View Post
I really do wonder if II or even TMP came out now how bad they would be torn apart from some of these people.

The Motion Picture is ridiculous. The Enterprise has been completely redesigned just to look flashier and better in the movie. A giant "thing" is approaching earth and must be intercepted first because it is dangerous. We know this because it just blew up three Klingon Battlecrusier's. The unfinished Enterprise at Earth is the only ship that can intercept it. Never mind this "thing" is coming from Klingon space and the only ship that can intercept it is unfinished Enterprise? Talk about a plot hole. Why didnt the Klingon's just invade seeing how stupid starfleet apparently is? Anyways, Enterprise goes off to intercept and, oh darn, the engines dont work. Never fear, it was just a plot device it get Spock on board because despite being out of starfleet, he knows more about the new engines then the chief engineer who installed them. So they they get going, find the thing, and convince it to stop attacking them. Then they spend half the movie stareing at pretty clouds, and the hull of the alien ship as they fly inside it. Eventually they find out it was just the episode "The Changling" from TOS with better special effects and are able to save the day. Why would any true Star Trek fan believe this crap? Its just a lousy atempt to bring back Star Trek after it was cancelled years ago. This is an insult to the intelligence of Star Trek fans everywhere to expect them to believe a story based on ilogic, coincidence and a contrived plot that was as afore mentioned pulled out of the original show. Obviously the writers did not care about a good story or plot. Just looking to make some money while ignoring the intelligence of the original series.
I dont really hate TMP. I was just trying to show how I think it would be received now by some of the people who hate XI. Although the the part about Vger coming to Earth strait from Klingon space and zero Federation ships in between does really bother me.
And thats my opinion. (Disclaimer) My opinion's should always be regarded as facts.
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