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Meteorology is NOT the same thing as a Climatologist. That's like saying your gym coach is just as good a doctor as a surgeon who specilizes in heart transplants.

Just to address one point of your rant. You asked what evidence there is of Co2 causing a runawy green house effect? (You then used the planet Mars as an example, ignoring the fact that Mars has a thin, whispy atmo, and gets about as much surface light as we do here on Earth, just after sunset) A better example of what CO2 can do is the planet Venus. It's atmosphere is also mostly composed of CO2, and is somewhat closer to the sun than Earth. Yet, even taking it's closer orbit into account, Venus is charbroiling its surface thanks to the trapped heat. The mean surface temperature there is about 800 degrees farenheight, when it should (if the atmo were the same as Earth) be closer to 250. Venus is actually hotter than many parts of Mercury!

It doesn't take a lot of temperature variation to make like miserable for humanity. Just a few degrees warmer already and the polar caps are shrinking, seas are rising, and climate patterns are shifting to the point of being unrecognizable. A few degrees more, and it'll be another dustbowl, only this time worldwide. Cities will starve, and people will revolt for food. Wars will be started, and the whole house of cards will come crashing down.
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