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Originally Posted by jerhanner View Post
Anthony Watts is a weather presenter for KPAY-AM radio, described as a 'Chief Meteorologist' by the radio station[1] but listed as a retired Television Seal Holder by the American Meteorological Society.[2] He runs the climate-related blog Watts Up With That, owns ItWorks, a weather graphics company, and is founder of the project which attempts to document the quality of weather stations.
You left out that KPAY-AM is an affiliate of Fox News. The same Fox News that uses to serve as the main channel for the self proclaimed experts of a certain Heritage Foundation. That is the think tank that was among the main sources for the policy of the Bush Administration on almost all fields. The Heritage Foundation is also a lobby group for major U.S. american oil companies. That are the companies that make their money from high oil prices. The less alternatives for oil there are on the market, the higher the demand, the higher the prizes, the higher the profits.

Yeah, I really can see why climate change doesnt exist and why alternative sources of fuel are completely unnecessary for the american economy - that is the profits of the shareholders of the oil industry, advocated by The Heritage Foundation, brought to you by Fox News and affiliates.

Oh, sorry, I wasnt supposed to tell you that. May I have your attention please?!
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