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Originally Posted by tannerwaterbury View Post
Well lets put it this way, you say you care little for plants and more for humans, Well if there was an abundunt amount of CO2 within the atmosphere, AGRICULTURE WOULD FLOURISH, thereby creating more food for the human race to survive on. Also, what physical evidence is there that CO2 is causing heating? Even with EXCESSIVE amounts of CO2 in the air, we still wouldnt boil up. Matter of fact I believe that the planet MARS has a atmosphere made up of 95 PERCENT Carbon Dioxide, yet its average temperatures range somewhere close to -40 Degrees Celsius. There proves the point that CO2 has barely ANY effect whatsoever on ANY warming going on within our atmosphere. Also people tend to mistake that CO2 comes BEFORE temperature, when it should be the other way around. As a matter of fact, the CO2/Temperature charts show that the CO2 catches up to Present Temperature levels 800 YEARS later, not instantly. I believe that we need a good amount of CO2 in our air. Im not saying we should continue on Polluting EXCESSIVELY, but dont try and cut the emissions down when there is no need to at the present time. Hell there was even an blog in 2008 from one of my favorite websites, Watts up With That with information stating that the Biosphere is booming due to the amount of CO2 within our atmosphere. Matter of fact here it is:
So let me get this straight - you're getting your scientific ideas from a retired weatherman? Do you see where this might be a little.... sketchy? I mean, does he even have an advanced degree in a real science???

Anthony Watts is a weather presenter for KPAY-AM radio, described as a 'Chief Meteorologist' by the radio station[1] but listed as a retired Television Seal Holder by the American Meteorological Society.[2] He runs the climate-related blog Watts Up With That, owns ItWorks, a weather graphics company, and is founder of the project which attempts to document the quality of weather stations.
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