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Originally Posted by tannerwaterbury View Post
Matter of fact I believe that the planet MARS has a atmosphere made up of 95 PERCENT Carbon Dioxide, yet its average temperatures range somewhere close to -40 Degrees Celsius. There proves the point that CO2 has barely ANY effect whatsoever on ANY warming going on within our atmosphere.
1. The distance sun - mars is bigger than the distance sun - earth
2. The Mars atmosphere is quite thin, the distance between the molecules is around 120 times larger, the molecules in the Earth atmosphere are around 120 times closer to each other and therefore can absorb heat radiation a lot better.

I really don't think any serious expert still negates the effects of CO2 anymore. CO2 is a greenhouse gas. Even pure logic can help you further. Emitting a lot of greenhouse gas will cause a greenhouse effect.
The solar activity hasn't changed a lot in the last decades, in fact it even declined in the last years and reached a low point atm, so rising temperatures probably will be mainly caused by terrestrial changes.
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