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Originally Posted by The Science Officer View Post
Now that looks really nice! The Reliant looks a little undeveloped, but that's a class job on the Enterprise.

The primary hull, secondary hull and connecting dorsal look fine.

I'd just pop in the docking hatches. The one in the secondary hull would disrupt the line down its length. You wouldn't have much choice as that is the vertical face of the hull. The TMP Enterprise got this wrong by putting the hatch too far up, which meant a transport pod would dock at an angle to the deck.

If it were me, I'd tweak the pylons and nacelles.
  • Shave a 10th of the length off the back of the nacelles. They look a tad too long.
  • At the narrowest point of the pylon (in its middle) Add a 10th of the width and follow the resulting curve down to the existing base.
I say that because I'm of the opinion that the new Abrams Enterprise doesn't look structurally sound at the back. The pylon connection to the nacelle is too far forward and too small. This design does a good job of correcting that and it looks like the connection is roughly centred under the nacelle's centre of mass.

This design works because you've got lines! Parts flow into each other. The Aston Martin of starships! Have you got a top and front view for this yet?

no top or forward view yet. but i'm sure they are comming.

All i ask is a tall ship, stars to sail her by.
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