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Originally Posted by tannerwaterbury View Post
Im starting this thread because I would like to know everyone's opinions on Anthropogenic (Manmade) Global Warming. Do you Believe that man is solely responsible for causing Global Warming? Also, instead of people just Arguing about it senselesly, lets make this a friendly debate. Both sides of this argument should state your point of view, then discuss WHY that POV is accurate. And GO!
There's perhaps a problem in the wording of your question, tanner- Is man solely responsible for global warming? The answer is- Most likely not. Are humans affecting the earth's climate? And if so to what degree(no pun intended)? Does man-affected global warming exist? If so, is that neccessarily negative thing? Is it permanent? Can it be reversed? These are some of the queries that need be (and have been) made to thoughtfully discuss this topic.

I think one would need to be wearing 'blinders' to believe humans do not affect the earth and its atmosphere. But there a great many other questions, some mentioned above, are posed.

Quality of life issues are most immediately important and we do know that industrial and auto emmissions can and do affect the quality of the air we breathe. And affect other things such as land and water.

Hmmm let's see, earth, air and waters, that's the land the skies and the seas. That just about covers everthi... No, there's space. Fortunately we're not trashing...ummm.....oh well

I've slipped into sarcasm.

The anthropogenesis of Global Warming is probably not a reality but still there's much more to consider regarding our stewardship of the planet.
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