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Personally I think the whole global warming thing has gotten totally out of control. Perhaps the industrial revolution did do some harm to the atmosphere, perhaps the testing of nuclear weapons after World War II did so as well, and perhaps natural factors like sunspots and glacial ice cycles have had some weird effects on the weather, but It's obviously not as bad as some doomsayers are trying to paint it and scaring the wits out of everyone, or as bad as some entrepeneurs are trying to paint it, in order to sell solar panels and windmills (Talk about raping the landscape! These monstrosities are beginning to blot the earth like the plague and combined with ubiquitous and equally ugly cell phone towers threaten to uglify every horizon with sky-high metal crap!). I also believe that some of the measures we've taken like reducing factory emissions and vehicle emissions and cleaning up polluted waterways are having a percievable effect and allowing the Earth to clear it's own air somewhat. The air just seems cleaner and easier to breathe than it did when I was a kid. Having lived quite a while, and breathed a lot of air, I've noticed an improvement over the past few years. I do not believe that carbon offsets make one damn bit of difference as you're only paying for the priviledge to pollute. A large percentage of the planet is carbon, all plant and animal life is based on carbon, we wear it as jewelry, write with pencils made from it, so I don't think cooking a steak on the outdoor grill with it is going to harm the atmosphere. The Earth has natural filters and natural defenses that defend it from too much gobbledegook in it's atmosphere. Plants produce oxygen, the ocean filters water that goes back into our atmosphere, and comes down on us as rain. Sure, we need to do better at producing less pollution, duh! We should recycle and not take the Earth for granted. But let's not go overboard going green like we went overboard stuffing coal and oil smoke into the atmosphere for most of the 19th and 20th centuries. Two wrongs don't make a right. I think fear, panic and greed are the real worst enemies humanity faces, not an extra carbon molecule or two in our atmosphere.
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