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Or in many cases not the whole truth.

I remember in one of my classes I took when I was back in college, the prof mentioned that Canada has quite a bit of oil up there. However, I think he said the problem they have is the sand content or something in the deposits is so high that it requires a great deal of extra refining. It wasn't until oil prices were sky high that drilling that oil was even economically viable. So it doesn't seem that simply having domestic deposits is enough to ensure lower prices. It was a course on climate change that I took for my oceanography degree. They also mentioned the whole thing about bio fuels and the problems with energy consumption when trying to mass produce it as well as mentioned work on developing much more energy efficient processes for production. I highly doubt the process a farmer can use to produce bio fuels to run his farming equipment is going to be energy efficient on a continuous industrial scale, but it probably works on a small batch by batch scale.

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