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Pollution doesn't mean Global warming. It means that China and India don't have to adhere to the Kyoto Accords while every other industrialized nation will be saddled with paying for their rights to continue to pollute unchecked. I'm all for clean air, but if you think about alternative fuels you'll see that they are far more costly that using coal, gas and oil. It takes 3 gallons of fossil fuels to boil down enough corn to make one gallon of ethanol. An electric car is feasible, but what happens when you have 5000 electric cars in the greater metropolitan area of LA. They already have a hard time handling air conditioning, think of the added draw on the grid, and all the environmentalists won't allow anyone to build new power plants in California, and nobody who could will because it will cost so much it would simply be egregious for anyone to build. Good old gasoline and diesel fuel are the fuels of the foreseeable future. They are cheap to produce and can be made to run cleaner than they ever have in the past. In Kuwait gasoline cost $.19/gallon, and most of that is delivery costs, why so cheap? Because they drill their own oil, they don't buy from anyone and they sell to everyone. We could experience the same kinds of prices if we could get to our own resources. But everyone is afraid of the potential hazards and don't want anyone to take risks. But risk is what we do. We Americans would never have reached the moon without accepting risks. We'd have never won WWII without accepting risks.
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