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Originally Posted by jerhanner View Post
So, all that smog in Beijing and LA is simply a plot by a bunch of wicked scientists to make us drive hybrids? Sneaky, sneaky Princeton alums!
Havent you got Limbaugh's latest memo on it? Its about Chinas attempts to crash the american economy. First strike was convincing americans of bying ecological japanese hybrid cars. Second strike was installing their covert communist agent in the white house... no wait, that new man in the white house was a terrorist... ah, I allways get that stuff mixed up. Sorry. But evolution never happened, thats for sure. We allways have been and allways will be monkeys.

My opinion on manmade climate change? Even if burning fossils does not influence our climate, dependence on it still causes wars, airpollution and ecologic desasters. So our need to develop new technologies remains. Get over it! Its called progress.

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