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Man-caused global warming is a hoax. There's little to no evidence to support that our activities have any direct effect on the environment, specifically in regards to changes in temperature. There is evidence that supports that our sun goes through cyclic periods of increased activity, followed by periods of decreased activity. We don't have enough hard data to measure human influence on the climate, since our records for temperature and weather conditions are less than 200 years old, and given the suggested age of the earth, that's not long enough to do a statistical analysis. The climate of the earth is constantly in flux. Look at the desert southwest. New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Nevada are covered with dry lake beds(which make great race tracks and runways), and riverbeds that no longer run with water. These have been this way for the better part of the last 2 centuries at least, and I'm sure that mankind had little to do to change the climate. The same as I do not believe that we have that much power today. If people are so concerned with carbon dioxide they can do one of two things, either stop breathing, or plant a danged tree and leave me alone!!
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