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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
But colonies near Klingon space? That sounds like a fairly adventurous endeavour and you might spend more time on zapping Klingon raiders than building your colony or working on the fields.

Survey ship is more natural if she operates near the borders.
Unfortunately in American history, that sort of behavior was NOT at all uncommon in the 19th century US expansion. All the Indian wars, the Mexican war, and nearly a war with Great Britain over the Oregon territory occurred for exactly such reasons. Again it would be a major reason why Klingons (Like Kor: "You've hemmed us in! Strangled our trade! Cut off vital supplies! You've been asking for war!) would be antagonistic to the Federation at this time.

As to the survey mission, it occurs to me that there are different types of survey:

Deep Space Survey: A ship with the best long range sensors and science gear like Equinox or Voyager.

Planetary Survey: A ship with more refined short ranged sensors and plenty of shuttles to dispatch ground survey parties and equipment over a wide stretch of the planet. IE: The USS Kelvin
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