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Originally Posted by SevenOF9 View Post
Hey everyone.......what will happen now that the new movie is totally different (alternate reality) will people still write & publish books about the normal reality continuing on with the normal Star Trek we all know (you know, the one where planet Vulcan still exists and Spocks mom is still alive lol)?
I hope so. Alot of the writers that have been writing books have been writing for the 'Prime' Universe, I don't think they are all going to suddenly jump on the wagon train that J.J.'s conducting and abandon the 'Prime' Universe.

The book reading audience is different from the movie going audience. It makes sense to create a Trek that will appeal to the Star Wars/Sci-fi Action fans, and the average movie goer, not just Trekkies, but when it comes to books, who largely makes up the readership?
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