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Originally Posted by That Metal Beastie View Post
Any love out there for M. Night Shyamalan's Unbreakable?
Along with Spiderman2, Chris Nolan's Batman movies, Iron Man and The Crow its one of my favorite 'superhero' films. Not to everyone's tastes, to be sure, but the cinematography, set and sound design and performances by all the actors are great. Symbolism is subtle and pervasive. And the direction is deceptively brilliant. In fact it would surprise me if its not studied in film classes.
Its not an action film, deliberately and slowly paced, but if a superhero really existed it would probably something like this.

Any love for Unbreakable?
Yes, I love this film and it's dead-on accurate about what the inspiration for superheroes actually are. They are real people with inborn abilities to protect other people. It's like some people are born with the intellect to be physicists and some are born with the manual dexterity to be brain surgeons and some are born with the agility to be gymnasts and basketball players. Some people are born with the strength, insight, attention to detail and other factors that make them ideal protectors of others. These people tend to become police officers, firemen, soldiers, secret service agents and security officers. Perhaps they can't fly or throw a car a hundred feet, those things are the typical exaggerations of storytellers trying to embellish a story to make it better, but they do have enhanced abilities to protect others that a guy who was born to make pizza or train racehorses just don't posess, and vice-versa.
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