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Originally Posted by That Metal Beastie View Post
Yes it was good to have Miller back

And no I didn't know that about Scott. But it worked out so well. We got two great performances from two great actors. Thanks for that bit of info Martok. I'm something of a film trivia buff.

But Douriff. I'd seen him before but that performance made me a fan so I more than pleased to have him join the Star Trek family.
You're welcome, Metal Beastie. I usually just stumble across the info myself...and so I am more than happy to share when the opportunity arises.

I think George C. Scott was doing Patton at the time The Exorcist was filming, so he was unavailable. Lee J. Cobb did a great job nonetheless. So while they didn't get George C., they did get another actor who uses an initial as part of their star name.

Yeah, Brad Dourif plays a lot of shady characters...and even does comedy well....if you've seen "Amos and Andrew", you know whereof I speak. He had a good role in "Voyager" also. So yeah, I'm glad to have him in the Star Trek family.

My other favorite role from Dourif is Piter DeVries, Mentat Assassin for Baron Vladimir Harkonnen in the 1984 adaptation of DUNE.

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