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Originally Posted by martok2112 View Post
I felt the exact same way. Brad Dourif did his role well, and yeah, when he started getting all roary with his demonic tirades, yeah, it did send a couple chills up my spine.

It was also good seeing Jason Miller reprising his role as Karras.

Did you know that George C. Scott was originally intended to be Lt. Kinderman in the original Exorcist? He was busy with Patton at the time though. Cool that he got to play the role he was originally asked to play in ExIII.
Yes it was good to have Miller back

And no I didn't know that about Scott. But it worked out so well. We got two great performances from two great actors. Thanks for that bit of info Martok. I'm something of a film trivia buff.

But Douriff. I'd seen him before but that performance made me a fan so I more than pleased to have him join the Star Trek family.
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