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Originally Posted by KiraTroi87 View Post
I'm an EKG Tech and I try to help save people's lives, too bad CPR has about a 2% chance of helping a person live and that is all I am qualified to do. I can't give medications or anything but I do run heart scans on patients all over the hospital I work at and assist in Codes, where the CPR comes into play for anyone who doesn't know much about the hospital life. It is a very rewarding, if at times emotionally draining job. I love it, I meet amazing new people every day. My goal in life is to make a difference in as many lives as possible and if performing CPR and succeeding in helping to save a persons' life is a difference then I could not be happier.
Houston is the medical captial of the world. I've heard of you guys. My mother is an anestisa tech assistant.

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