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Originally Posted by Venger View Post
I see what you're saying but maybe in this timeline the borg never got the signal. Or there are no borg, they were wiped out by another species. Maybe the Klingons updated their mining practices or they used Praxis for something else or never even used it at all? There could be an infinite number of alternate realities, or universes existing next to our own time and they might all have a different progression.
Ah you forget this time line diverged from the original during the Kelvin attack, so anything before the attack aka the events of Enterprise happened in both time lines. The borg exist and are on the way. But I think Spock has done enough time travel to realize that telling the Federation about the borg could have unforeseen and dire consequences. better to cut your losses and run rather then go for the big money and wind up mucking everything up.
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