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Originally Posted by celticarchie View Post
Don't worry about it too much.

We are all human and it's natural to speak (or type) passionately about something you care about. Even what to other folk might just be a overgrown Sci-Fi show from the '60s.

We are all different, we all have different backgrounds, come from different countries, have different beliefs, hopes dreams etc...

But we all love the same TV show(s)/film phenomenon - Star Trek.

Yeah, we all come to it for different reasons. Some like the action, others its the Sci-Fi, or its characters and stories. Being different is not a crime, in fact its one of the things that Star Trek (including the new film) in all it's incarnations embraces.

I think the beauty of Star Trek in a lot of ways is that it appeals to so many different people.

And yeah, at times we don't always get along. Words get exchanged, a few phaser blasts and maybe the odd photo torpedo.

I can be a right sarcastic bugger at times I know. The day after I posted my "After seeing the movie..." thread I thought, "oh I could have worded that better, or I was a too harsh on that", you know, but it's out there now. I stand by it, but I also accept other peoples right to disagree and say so. (Even though I might chew 'em out again)

To me Star Trek works best when all its ingredients are working together, at times that doesn't work, someone put too much salt in, or not enough spice, or forgets the gravy and adds the prawns instead. It's a complex recipe and the chefs can't get it right all the time, but then again when the recipe isn't right for me, it is right for someone else.

And that is okay, it's okay for Star Trek, like us, to be different.

Perhaps, if it wasn't...then none of us would like it.
Negative opinions about the movie are not what's discouraged, amigo. This might be a forum on a site that promotes the movie, but that does not mean everyone has to be in lock-step positivity about the new film.

The only time the negative opinions get some backlash is when they are accompanied by self-aggrandizing, self-important phrases like:

"This movie does not appeal to the 'true Trek fan'."

"This movie was dumbed down, and my intelligence is insulted."

"Anyone who likes this movie is not a true fan."

That kind of stuff, this ill-fit arrogance is what draws the ire of people who normally would not have a problem with a contrary opinion about the movie itself.

Generally, I thank folks who give a negative review of the movie for being honest about it....but there are cases where you can also see the pretense in their unfavorable reviews....pretenses where you cannot take them seriously...especially when they try to back up their opinions with made up THAT is laughable to the extreme.

Hopefully, this helps you understand the situation when it comes to some folks posting not just a negative review (which is perfectly fine), but when they start equivocating some stupid sense of self-importance, or "more Trek than thou" B.S.

What you said here: "I think the beauty of Star Trek in a lot of ways is that it appeals to so many different people."....sums Trek up perfectly. Trek should not be niche entertainment. If it has something for everyone, then no one should complain if it features certain elements that lean in one particular direction....because the next time around, it may lean the other way, striking a balance.


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