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Originally Posted by Tribble-eater View Post
I like to think of myself as a star trek fan I have seen all the show/movies
read most of every book Etc
the reason I love Star trek is because of the message and the hope it gives that man can evolve from what he currently is and truly accept IDIC
I have used some of the things I have learned in Star Trek in my real life
But not everything, that is when I realized I am not a True dedicated fan
because I have ignored the biggest lesson Star Trek teaches and that is acceptance
of differences between people.
I have made comments on this board that goes against that and even though most were made in Jest I realized that with hearing the tonality of a comment it can seem quite different when just read
but even in humor it is still kind of an attack
So to all those I might have offended I am sorry it was wrong of me
We are all different and we all have different opinions and that’s what makes us individuals
I will go back to mostly reading the comments and not responding to them unless I can contribute in an open an non harmful way
This post offends me


Seriously though, this may be one of the best posts on this forum. It takes serious bigness to admit the possibility of a mistake, especially on the Internet. My hat is off to you, sir.
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