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Default Help Me Come up with a List of TOS novels, books...

that overlap the events in Star Trek XI (2009) in the 'Prime' Universe

I have come up with a few already, add to it as you see fit

Final Frontier (1988) By Diane Carey-may have been the inspiration for the opening scene in the new Star Trek movie, has George Samuel Kirk (James T. Kirk's father) as first officer of the Enterprise, there's an encounter with a Romulan vessel from the future. (this is not the novelization of Star Trek V).

Enterprise: The First Adventure (1986) by Vonda McIntyre-tells the story of Enterprise's first adventure under the command of the newly promoted Captain James T. Kirk, doesn't follow the TOS episodes too closely; has Uhura as Communications officer during Pike's command and Sulu originally transfer to Enterprise as helmsman.

Collision Course (2007) by William Shatner-recounts Spock and Kirk's first encounter and the events that lead Kirk and Spock's to enroll into Starfleet Academy.

The Kobayashi Maru (1989) by Julia Ecklar-Kirk recounts the story of how he beat the Kobayashi Maru training exercise at Starfleet Academy

Enterprise (My Brother's Keeper, Book 3) by Michael Jan Friedman-takes place after "Where No Man Has Gone Before," includes Kirk's first encounter with Lieutenant Uhura (and it wasn't in a bar).

Aftershock: Starfleet Academy by John Vornholt recounts Kirk's first encounter with McCoy at Starfleet Academy and how McCoy meets Spock.

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