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Originally Posted by Tribble-eater View Post
I like to think of myself as a star trek fan I have seen all the show/movies
read most of every book Etc
the reason I love Star trek is because of the message and the hope it gives that man can evolve from what he currently is and truly accept IDIC
I have used some of the things I have learned in Star Trek in my real life
But not everything, that is when I realized I am not a True dedicated fan
because I have ignored the biggest lesson Star Trek teaches and that is acceptance
of differences between people.
I have made comments on this board that goes against that and even though most were made in Jest I realized that with hearing the tonality of a comment it can seem quite different when just read
but even in humor it is still kind of an attack
So to all those I might have offended I am sorry it was wrong of me
We are all different and we all have different opinions and that’s what makes us individuals
I will go back to mostly reading the comments and not responding to them unless I can contribute in an open an non harmful way
I've said things on this board I regret as well so I appreciate your concerns. I've never been offended by anything you've written. Your apology speaks volumes about your high character.
Happiness, at least, Sir.
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