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Originally Posted by SouthernSpockette View Post
Spock prime should share knowledge, for two good reasons:

1. The Borg
2. It'd fit the story for Nero to have probably shared his with the Klingons
Number 2 is not really that likely. He blew away 47 Klingon ships and if he wants to make Romulus "safe" then he knows that after the Federation, the Klingons are another threat to his people. Barring the novelization, we don't know the specifics of his capture but obvious the Klingons didn't get the Naranda. Possibly Nero tried to use Robau's shuttle from the Kelvin on some sort of reconnaisance mission when he was captured leaving his crew to find him. It is unlikely the Klingons had any real sense of the Naranda's power and technology before their ships started falling like clay pigeons.
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