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Default Should Spock Prime share future knowledge?

The "Supreme Court" should dispense with the “Temporal Prime Directive” idea and say that Spock Prime shares his knowledge of the future with Starfleet. It made sense to have a rule against that when the timeline was linear and time travel affected the one true timestream. Now that time travel creates alternate realities, there is no need for it. There is no such thing as protecting the integrity of future events and thus no need for such a rule. The interpretation of time travel that makes the movie possible does away with the need for a “temporal prime directive.”

To use another example, Spock Prime already intervened to save Earth once in the movie. Is he just going to sit around and allow Vger to convert the planet into data patterns, allow the whale probe to do its thing, or not warn about the Borg? Of course not. He is going to tell what he knows, that includes details on probably hundreds of planets and races, threats such as the those shown above, the existence of Trelane, the Oragnians, and Q, plus lots more. The good thing is that he doesn’t need to write it out, he can just mind meld to pass along the info.

This opens up a lot of story potential. In the Q&A on, Robert Orci hinted that Spock Prime influenced Kirk’s promotion to captain of the Enterprise at the end of the movie. That, along with his work on the Vulcan colony world, means Spock Prime revealed himself to Starfleet. Do you think Starfleet is just going to allow this tremendous source of information to keep it all to himself? It would give the Federation a tremendous advantage over its rivals and change the balance of power in all kinds of interesting ways. It is something worth pursuing, even though the focus of the next movie is obviously going to be on the young crew. This would provide a means to avoid repeating stories and adventures from the prime universe. Seeing as Starfleet already knows to deal with most of those situations there would be no need to even show them. For example, you could say that Starfleet sent some other starship out to deal with Vger thanks to the warning by Spock Prime. That would free up the Enterprise crew for a series of movies about fresh new adventures.

My advice is to forget about the Temporal Prime Directive. That is “linear time thinking” in a parallel reality. Saying that Spock Prime shared knowledge allows for more creative use of the existing elements of the alternate reality, rather than repeating stories of the past.

Given Spock Primes knowledge, the new crew will not have to rediscover the mysteries of the galaxy that the prime crew already dealt with. It frees them for new things.

What does everyone think?
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