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Originally Posted by RedShirtsRuS View Post
As for the "American" perspective. Which one exactly?
Okay, I really dont know what people keep misunderstanding. So, lets say the next movie would deal with bigotry and fear from a german perspective. A current german discourse that is distorted and heavily affected by bigotry, fear and ignorance could be the ongoing debate about the mindset of the eastern german population. The debate is wether or not the eastern german people have worked off their GDR past. Yet several important factors are willfungly ignored, belittled, distorted, stripped from context. Now one could take this conflict and make it be set in space. Yet I really have my doubts this would be understood by an american public or a french public. For them the whole metaphor would be lost. They would not see why the movie is of importance or for whom.

On the other hand the United States have their own discourses. Torture is a topic. The value of diplomacy over military action is a topic. The best way to handle terrorism is a topic. All those discourses are distorted by bigotry, fear and ignorance. And taking those discourses and using them as a template for a conflict in space, that is a metaphor that would be understood by the american audience. And because the european audience is quite versed in american discourses too, that is why europeans would understand it too. The same for a russian audience, an aisan audience or an arab audience.

You see what I mean?

Take the Undiscovered Country! It dealt with fear and bigotry from an american perspective and the whole world understood it. Why? Because the United States are the last remaining world dominating superpower. American discourses dominate the news all over the world. Its like in the ancient roman empire. Romans may not have known what was going on in northern Gaul, but northern Gaul knew what was going on in Rome.
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