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Originally Posted by DammitJim View Post
scientists change their theories more often than that. who knows what raptors will look like in the next Jurassic Park
The difference between science and religion is that science THRIVES on questioning itself and changing any falsehoods as new evidence comes to light. Religion thrives on pretending it never changes even though it does so inevitably.

As for the "American" perspective. Which one exactly?

The Deep South American perspective?

The Yankee American perspective?

The African American perspective?

The Amish American perspective?

America is diverse enough that it CAN represent the world when you think about it.

America IS diversity.

We can do away with calling it the "American" perspective and we can call it the "diverse" perspective if it sits better with everybody.

I'm not an American by the way. I just understand and appreciate how diverse America is.
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