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Originally Posted by RedShirtsRuS View Post
The Vatican actually does follow a Borg like pattern in the past during their rise to power. A LOT of stuff in the Catholic mythos is stuff that the Catholic Church literally assimilated from other cultures and religions. A lot of it is NOT original thought. Thomas Aquinas was quite an original thinker for his time though, I'll give them that.

Q also depicts pretty much how the God of the Old Testament acts. All powerful, but prone to the pettiest of emotions like jealousy and wrath.
Hmmm. Never thought of Q and borg that way. I would like to think I am pretty good at reading between the lines but those went over my head.

Q was all powerful but never held up as a god by a people or culture (AFAIK). Maybe he thought of himself as one but there were no worshipers or religion. I saw the borg in more of a communistic context. People were not converted to a religion with a god to worship but forced into a collective to serve the state and their leader... who wasnt a god. So perhaps that means any religious overtones in those cases were dealt with too vaguely or lacked metaphorical tie-ins so people would get it. Thats why the borg with words like 'collective' have more obvious meanings.

Oh and as for the borg again. They didnt even have a leader until the movie. And actually she didnt describe herself as one. I forget the exact words but she said she was more of a bonding agent and than a leader. Maybe sort of like the big brother type that nobody ever saw except as a face on the television.
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