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Originally Posted by RedShirtsRuS View Post

And that one TNG episode with the aliens with no gender was GREAT and smartly written, but it's still not enough, it did feel slightly ambiguous and not forthright like it should have been.
I dont know. I dont think that it could carry a movie. First because it would have to be a romance story. And I am not sure people buy a ticket for a sci-fi adventure to see romance.

Then there is the problem wether its about gay victim or gay hero. Gay hero is quite pointless, because that would make the gay character a member of Starfleet or the Federation and because Federation represents utopia (or at least it used to) the homosexuality of the hero would be merely circumstantial like his haircut or eyecolor and add nothing substantial to the plot. They certainly should do it, but that would not carry the movie.

If we go for the gay victim then it must be an alien of some sort, mistreated by an alien culture. And that is not forthright enough for your taste.

Originally Posted by DammitJim View Post
this is something I'd like JJ and Co. to deal with in a sequel. some zealot corrupting the peaceful teachings of a religion and twisting his followers to seek war on another race. Kirk must find away for the people to see the true meaning of their faith and not resort to a pro-atheist view.
So Kirk knows the true meaning of their religion. But the priests preaching war dont. Isnt that the core problem of religion, that every priest preaches to know the true meaning while no one has Gods phone number to settle it once and for all?
That is why all stories concerning religion give a secular answer in the end.

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