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Originally Posted by RedShirtsRuS View Post
That sounds fine. I'm hoping for a slightly more upfront approach, maybe shake a fist at "don't ask don't tell" in the US military by depicting out of the closet homosexuals fighting alongside heterosexuals in a battle or something. The out of the closet homosexual would need to be introduced as a character before the battle takes place though.

Simple stuff like that. I think could work.
well, by the 23rd Century homosexual issues (at least in TREKVERSE) won't be an issue, so the character would have to be introduced in a similar fashion. make an issue by not making an issue of it, if you follow me

Originally Posted by Samuel View Post
Wasnt there a TNG episode that dealt with an alien who was androgynous? I dont mean a trill.
yes but wasn't it a bit of a cop out to make the character clearly female.
Frakes always thought so. he said Berman wanted to get the "gay issue" out off the way and felt this was how. Frakes said he had suggested getting a male actor to play his love interest and by not doing so the episode lack any real substance.

Originally Posted by Samuel View Post
As for an issue, its part of another thread but different Earth religions. Surely the Vatican and Mecca must still be around. Unless maybe they were nuked. Personally I think its a much bigger issue than GLBT considering the many wars that have been fought over religion. Not to mention the inqusisions. We're not going to have for example the conflict between christianity and islam that has been raging for a couple thousand years evaporate so quickly.
I too would like to see religion dealt with in a fair way in TREK, like it was in B5 and DS9.
but, I'd like to point out that although there has been much suffering in this world supposedly due to differing religious beliefs, that it is not strictly true that religion is the cause. it is evil men falsely claiming religion as their cause and using it as a weapon and corrupting others.
this is something I'd like JJ and Co. to deal with in a sequel. some zealot corrupting the peaceful teachings of a religion and twisting his followers to seek war on another race. Kirk must find away for the people to see the true meaning of their faith and not resort to a pro-atheist view.
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