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Originally Posted by Samuel View Post
Wasnt there a TNG episode that dealt with an alien who was androgynous? I dont mean a trill.

As for an issue, its part of another thread but different Earth religions. Surely the Vatican and Mecca must still be around. Unless maybe they were nuked. Personally I think its a much bigger issue than GLBT considering the many wars that have been fought over religion. Not to mention the inqusisions. We're not going to have for example the conflict between christianity and islam that has been raging for a couple thousand years evaporate so quickly.
The Vatican changes its policies on nearly everything in their near 2 millenia history of existence.

Look what they did to Galileo in the beginning. it took them CENTURIES to apologize for what they did to him.

There's mosques/churches in Spain that that were remade over and over when Spain was conquered and reconquered by Christians and Muslims.

There's literally blatant designs that you can see in the buildings in Spain to this day that indicate that the religious buildings were made over by the conquering religious nation at the time.

And I'm pretty sure the Borg oriented episodes and First Contact dealt with the issue of religion in a sufficient way. Like any collection of thoughts and ideas religion changes over time and it assimilates the views and the shifting views into its belief system after a while. Although try getting various religious leaders to admit that and a lot of the time they'll tell you that they think nothing in their religion has never changed.

The Vatican actually does follow a Borg like pattern in the past during their rise to power. A LOT of stuff in the Catholic mythos is stuff that the Catholic Church literally assimilated from other cultures and religions. A lot of it is NOT original thought. Thomas Aquinas was quite an original thinker for his time though, I'll give them that.

Q also depicts pretty much how the God of the Old Testament acts. All powerful, but prone to the pettiest of emotions like jealousy and wrath.

Religion has been done to death in Star Trek enough in my opinion. The Borg was the best depiction of it. And the Borg have been done to death now thanks to Voyager. And Deep Space Nine also dealt with religion on several occasions.

And that one TNG episode with the aliens with no gender was GREAT and smartly written, but it's still not enough, it did feel slightly ambiguous and not forthright like it should have been.
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