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Originally Posted by DammitJim View Post
do you mean they encounter a race where homosexuality is a crime (or some such) or that there should be an Enterprise crewmember(s) that are homosexual it's just treated matter of factly (like the background alien characters were treated as natural as though their roles could easily have been played as humans)?
That sounds fine. I'm hoping for a slightly more upfront approach, maybe shake a fist at "don't ask don't tell" in the US military by depicting out of the closet homosexuals fighting alongside heterosexuals in a battle or something. The out of the closet homosexual would need to be introduced as a character before the battle takes place though.

Simple stuff like that. I think could work.

Botany Bay is also correct, those are the most pressing issues of our time. They always have been actually. The hatred just shifted from african americans and women to gay people. Things haven't changed as much as we think they have.
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