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Originally Posted by RedShirtsRuS View Post
Equality of GLBT human beings NEEDS to be depicted.

Call that "liberal preachy" if you want, I'm pretty sure depicting equality for african americans and equality for women in TOS was considered "liberal preachy" back in the 60's too.
That's a good one. But i think it has to be done tastefully, not Kirk beds bi-sexual alien, or Sulu has a guy-on-guy love scene. Would Jon Cho approve?

As for other issues, I wonder why they didn't make this movie more issue oriented, they certainly could have. For example, instead of having Vulcan destroyed from the inside out by a planet destroying "DeathStar" Romulan ship from the future, why not have Vulcan facing an ecological-environmental crisis due to desertification? I know, what's more exciting, Kirk saving the universe from a Doomsday Romulan vessel, or Spock teaching Vulcan farmers the proper methods of farming? But the issue potential of having Vulcan die slowly due to "illogical" decisions by elders is more compelling than having it implode in one scene.
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