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Originally Posted by Samuel View Post
That is true. Not a demigod but a prophet between Bajorans and their gods. I think he is also considered a mortal prophet not divine one but I'm not sure about that. Still, the religion came from an alien culture. Not our own. The feds respected their religion but there was a curious lack of any from Earth. Not even another priest for the Bajorans to debate with. In fact, IIRC one episode that dealt with a conflict was not against two differing religions but religion vs science. Of course religion vs science is a big issue but religion vs religion (christanity vs islam) is a much bigger one. Why not a story about a priest working to convert Bajorans? What exactly should the feds do about a priest who is not bound by a prime directive?
I see your point, but I'll contend, as well, that Star Wars was never about Earth religion, either.

The SF franchise that did deal with Earth religion was and is "V," and, incidentally, for which there is a remake.
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