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Originally Posted by sir num nums View Post
I was a work but Adam was just Glam and Show.
The guy can sing, but I really can not stand for singers to cry when they sing. It's not really singing.

But, since he came in second, like in traditional Idol Fashion, Adam will come out on top.
I didn't like Adam. His screaming he does didn't sound right to me. It was weird. Kris was more marketable anyway. THis may have been a statement on sexuality...if that's true America just needs more time. Homosexuality is accepted in dance I'm always plused why certain traditions tend to get run over.

Learn that some people like their traditions.
Create your own traditions.

Both will have successful careers and Kris is likely to do nada.
He wasn't as talented or creative but he may be moldable. I'd buy a CD from him in a hurry. We'll find out.

Adam was odd. It depends on the music he does...but I'm not a kiss or Queen fan SOO if he follows Kara's advise I won't be buying anything from him unless extraordinarily good.

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