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Originally Posted by Captainaceventura27 View Post
Ok guys, I have a friend that goes to a Local high school in my hometown and she is really really cute, she can have any man she wants oh and she's dating a guy who goes to the same school, so anyway we had a nice talk about movies that you seen, and told me that she and a couple of her friends went to see star trek and they LOVED every minute of it, we had a nice talk about the movie, and after where done talking, she then told that she might break up with her boyfriend, cause she now has crush on Chris Pine & Zachary Quinto and wants to go out with one of them.
Are you a guy or gal?? Have you asked this "friend" out on a date yet?

ps. If you are NOT the same age as this "friend", forget what I said above!! I just thought I would point that out before someone started to think I cruise high schools for dates!!
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