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Originally Posted by trekie View Post
I watched it yesterday, does that count. I felt the the boy that looked for down to earth won. The other boy could sing better than him, of what I heard last night.
I think it was pretty obvious Adam (the other boy, not the down to Earth one) was more talented vocally and musically. Since much earlier in the show he would change up songs and make them his own. I admit he was very glam and at times would show off by holding a note for a very long time, but that only showed he could SING!!!

My "ball and chain" knew Kris would win as soon as the final two was known. She said all the girls are in love with how "hot" he is and it was no longer a singing or talent show. I was surprised she ended up correct. It's no big deal though, I have a feeling Kris will be one of those American Idols that is easily forgotten while Adam will be a shining new star in the music world.

Fan, I too hope you get your town back to normal!!
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