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Originally Posted by Samuel View Post
Well thats true. Trek has a distinct lack of religion among humans... so far as to call it myth. I'm not a religious person myself but perhaps GR was hoping in the future it will be gone or highly suppressed. An overstatement I am sure but it would have been good if in all these years there was just one major catholic/buddhist/muslim/jewish character. Pick one. I dont mean making a big deal about it just a backstory with some minor story elements. Maybe one celebrating Easter or noon prayer.

Well now that I think about it... its funny but the one major character that has religious/spiritual undertones is the highly logical Spock. Vulcans are highly advanced yet have a very spiritual culture with things like resurection of the body, high priests/priestess's and eternal spirits. A huge character element that adds to the role as opposed to Kirk. In TNG and later Klingons are quite religious also. But never humans from Earth (maybe all humans?). Its interesting.
Yes, that is interesting! I can't find a quote about it anywhere where he says so, but I think Roddenberry believed that until humanity dumped religion, which it doesn't seem likely to do anytime soon, it wouldn't advance to a stage where there would no longer be things like war, poverty, and disease. So Roddenberry's vision of the future, in this regard, i think is definately utopic. Roddenberry's triumvirate that saves humanity is No Religion, unbrideled Scientific and Technological progress, and some kind of Socialistic World Governement.
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