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Originally Posted by MonsieurHood View Post
Wouldn't it be hilarious if they finally did make a Star Trek/Star Wars crossover movie, and instead of destroying one another and proving which was better, the two genre's ships cooperated for a common purpose. Some uber-fans would let out a puff of smoke and melt if they did that.
At one point, some years ago, I was working on a story where pretty much the whole of the Alpha Quadrant sided with the Rebel Alliance to take on the Imperial Threat.

And I had a pretty good way of writing how the two universes became so acquainted.

What was even funnier was that (similar to the spirit of Galaxy Quest) I had Star Wars appear as an existing fictional entity in the Star Trek universe, and then, when real-life versions of Star Wars ships appeared, only the few who knew of the Star Wars universe had any remote idea on how to possibly deal with them.

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