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First of all, to tebower....

Who died and made you the one that could look down his nose at us? It is unwise to hurl torpedoes from a glass-domed luxury liner.

Now to business....

This is a perfectly valid argument, and having been into Web design and the things that entails for some years myself, I wholeheartedly agree that this is a stupid move. If the designers intended for this wait, they went about it wrong. That portion of the Flash should simply say something that teases us about more downloads coming, period. But, in this case, it is a specific item. To make it worse, it cannot be downloaded AFTER the film's release. That's just NOT professional. If these people are so overworked, then it should STILL have been addressed BEFORE, DURING, or right after the release date.

It's just a case of bad decisions all around, and we have called them on it. Big deal.
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