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I, for one, was very impressed with Pine's version of Kirk. I would have been happy to see the Shat as Kirk, but then it would not have been as good a story; (sorry, but I think we have a complete picture of the ending years of Kirk's life and career...time to learn some of the history from early days, and that means a new actor to play Kirk.)

It would be nice to see a story from the original timeline, with Kirk's childhood and academy days shown; and I think Pine could do it, too. It would also be nice to learn a bit more about the rest of the bridge crew's early lives, as a prelude to how and why they all end up on the Enterprise with Kirk.

I really think that this cast could handle stories from either timeline, old or new (pre- or post-Nero?) as long as they were NEW stories, not just retells of TOS episodes.

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