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I agree that a teaser for a specific download is not good strategy. The reasoning is simple: If people don't know that something exists, you can't complain about it not being available. If I don't know that there is a warp mode screensaver, I can't complain that it isn't ready. You haven't followed up on the "soon" part. No, 2-3 months is not soon.

There is another reason why you would not put a teaser for a specifc download on a site: It makes you look unprofessional and hurts your crediblity if you are unable to follow through on making the download available. That would be why you shouldn't even keep it up but put a specific date when it would be available: if you can't have it ready by, say, May 28th, you will really catch crap.

I would suggest taking the screensaver off of the website until it is ready, and simply have something that says "more downloads to come" in its place. You don't even need the word soon.
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