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No, don't chill out. You are right and I'm with you.

Look at the sites for Terminator Salvation, Transformers, and any other film that is to be released or is newly released. They ALL have a "Downloads" section, but NONE of them have a small animation showing what you can't have. Sure, there will be "Coming Soon" windows, but that content is ALWAYS available around the release of the movie, or shortly thereafter. In the 21st century, it is difficult to keep everyone's attention once the movie you are promoting has been released. Denying teased content to the end user is not a good idea. Since there is already a small animation of Warp Mode in the Flash design of the site, one can conclude that the entire screensaver file DOES exist and is ready. If they are waiting for the DVD release, that's just not smart on their part. It's ALWAYS better to have a "Coming Soon" window that is not specific, not what the designers in this case have done.

So, bring the frakkin' things on already, for Mac AND Windows users!

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