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Originally Posted by Zardoz View Post
What a tragic choice! Living forever and watching everyone you love die and die over and over again. Sure, you get to create some of the greatest artwork and invent some of the grooviest stuff in existance, but at what price? It would really hurt to be Flint. I'd be Zephram Cochrane. He gets to invent warp drive, has a really interesting life, then gets lost in space, meets an alien entity that takes care of his every need and makes him young again, and then melds with a really cute chick and gets to finish out his remaining days in peace and comfort, with someone he loves and that loves him back. Not a bad destiny if you ask me. If I was captain, I'd order a double round of those shots McCoy gave the crew in "Wolf In The Fold", you know the ones that make Sulu not afraid of a Supernova?
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