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Originally Posted by FanWriter45 View Post
Oh, that's great! I wish I could be there. (TMM was a great boost to me when I was still a kid.)

"Life's like a movie, write your own ending... keep believeing, keep pretending... we've done just what we set out to dooooo.... Thanks to the lovers... the dreamers... and YOUUUUUU!"
"The Rainbow Connection" is a great song and "The Muppet Movie" is such a great uplifting fun film. I just watched TMM for the first time this past March and man was I missing out. I grew up on "Sesame Street", "Fraggle Rock" and "Muppet Babies" but my mom wouldn't let me watch "The Muppet Show." I snuck over to grandmothers house once a week to watch it. Anyway the only two Muppet movies I saw up until March were "The Muppet Christmas Carol" and "Muppet Treasure Island." I watched all of them after watching TMM and I've fallen in love with the Muppets again. I'm looking forward to their new movie that is in the works.

Originally Posted by kevin View Post
I hear Miss Piggy will not be attending though, for fear of raising a public health scare.
Don't say that to her face she has a black belt you know:

P.S. I heard she was test for the H1N1 virus but she is in the clear.
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