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Originally Posted by kevin View Post
That show has been struggling since day 1 - they would have to commit to a season now and then have to wait months to find out if the film would bolster the series or not. Maybe they decided it wasn't a gamble they were prepared to take.
I suppose you are right, in spite of it being part of the same intellectual property, it stands apart as its own separate production and needs to be able to hold its own.

Personally, i never liked the show. Terminator films were basically horror-flicks in sci-fi camoflage. Instead of watching Jason or Michael Myers stalk down their victims, the killer was a robot from the future. And while this pace works well in a movie, it doesn't work well on television. So the show tried to expand the Terminator universe's mythology and tried to open things up by changing the future, a little like Abrams is doing with the new Trek film, but what drew people to the Terminator was the horror element, not all the rest of it. An unstoppable killer, how are they going to stop him? That was the thrill, not how John Connor becomes a hero, or whether they can change the future.

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