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Originally Posted by FanWriter45 View Post

You know, you bring up a good point: we could sure use more kid's shows that aren't just "whacky cartoons" like "Spongebob." (Nothing wrong with SBSP, he's the funniest thing on TV) But I'd love to see some adventure shows on tv that aren't just kid versions of the adult reality shows. CN is running "kid survivor" and "kid survivorman" and for a while, they were doing "kid junkyard wars"

We need to get some quality live action programming back on the air. Not just Disney's hymns to consumerisim and teen idolotry. Where are the heroes? Where's the adventure? Where's the history?

These days, unless it can sell a crap toy, I guess it's not getting on the air.
I agree with you 110 percent, Fan. The last "heroes" kids had were (that I can remember) "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" and "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles". However, both of them, as you point out, sold wave after wave of toy-lines. Ever since the days of G.I. Joe and He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, such shows were considered half-hour toy commercials.

Not so with Jason of Star Command (or even Space Academy). I don't recall a single toy ever being released in support of either of those shows. And God knows how badly I wanted a Starfire and a Dragon Drone Fighter.

Right now, the Land of the Lost (another early 70's live action kids' show) has been remade, but is being turned into a schoolyard humor comedy, instead of the straight up adventure show that I remembered (vaguely) as a child. I still plan on seeing this movie because it does look rather funny (and I dig the chick that's playing Holly)...and it looks like they did a good job with the Sleestaks.

The sad thing about Hollywood wanting to remake some of "those 70's shows" is that the remakes end up turning out to be just that....comedies...self-parodies.

I oughtta try to write some more on my Jason of Star Command reboot. The story is just called "Jason". The idea is that Jason is part of a small group of modified-human super-soldiers that had all but disappeared after a great stellar war. Since he's actually one of the ones who was easily located, he gets called back into service to help deal with the Dragos threat.

Actually, I think it may be lost since my laptop went "CRASH". So, I'll just have to start re-writing it.

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