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Trekie, I do not envy you the harder parts of your job at all. I cried like a baby when I had to put one of my little furry friends to sleep. To go through it once is enough...but to have to go through it as often as you do.....I couldn't do that. Hat's off to you for your emotional fortitude in cannot be easy.

For a lighter tale:
The hardest part of my job is saying "no" whenever I get asked to come in and fill in for somebody singing down on Bourbon St. I have a three day schedule, and that's usually plenty 'nuff for me. I sing on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday afternoons. Usually, I'm good for one double shift, or if they need me on one of my days off, I'm good for that too. I love the company I work for. However, once I've sung the equivalent of five days, my voice starts feelin' it bad. But the thing is, I am a terrible liar. If I get asked to fill in for someone, and my voice sounds capable of doing the job for that day, I'll come in. I can't just leave them hanging. (Especially when it seems I am every other band's first choice for a fill in singer if their regular singer goes down.) But, I do have my limits, and when I know I've reached them, I'll say "thanks, but no, I can't. Not today." Usually now, it would be if I've frakked up my sleep schedule, and had just sacked out when the call comes in. "Whaaa? Oh, man, I just now hit the hay." Usually that'll back 'em off, and they'll try to find somebody else. But after that, should the call come back and they say: "Steve, we've tried to find someone else, but there's no one else available." then I'll go in.

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